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Cyber Security Assessments for SMEs in the North West

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Cyber Security Assessments for SMEs in the North West

Addressing the Cybersecurity Needs of SMEs – Aware that small and medium-sized businesses are vulnerable in today’s digital landscape, Impact Computing provides specialised Cyber Security Assessments. While larger corporations may have the resources to secure their data, small and medium-sized businesses often do not. We offer a range of services designed to protect you from the risks associated with online Cyber threats.

A Comprehensive Approach to Security – Cyber Security Assessments from Impact Computing go beyond simply detecting vulnerabilities. As part of the assessment, we examine the existing security infrastructure of a company in detail, looking for any weaknesses that hackers could exploit. The assessments cover network security, endpoint protection, and compliance, providing a complete picture of a company’s cybersecurity capabilities.

Personalised Strategies for Unique Challenges – Impact Computing provides tailored solutions tailored to each company’s unique goals, operations, and risks. Rather than a generic one-size-fits-all approach, the assessments result in customised strategies that integrate smoothly with existing IT infrastructure. Consequently, both efficiency and effectiveness are assured without requiring disruptive changes.

Partnership and Trust – The Cyber Security Assessments that Impact Computing provides are a collaborative partnership that builds trust between the company and the client. Our approach involves understanding our client concerns and educating them throughout the process. In the North West, Impact’s dedication to affordable, top-tier cybersecurity solutions has made them a preferred IT Managed Service provider. The assessments are more than just services – they represent a commitment to creating resilient, future-ready businesses.

Case Study

PPS Midlands Limited

PPS Midlands specialise in providing returnable commercial plastic transit packaging and container solutions. With a significant on-site infrastructure, we worked with them to implement a more flexible working solution.

PPS Group
IT Support Services Lancashire

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