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Your Expert Partner in Managed Cyber Security Services

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Your Expert Partner in Managed Cyber Security Services

The Double-Edged Sword of Digital Transformation – The threats of cybercrime pose significant risks to small and medium-sized businesses based in the Northwest of England. As the region becomes increasingly digital, businesses inadvertently expose themselves to cybercrime as they adopt more technology solutions to enhance their operations.

Cyberattacks: The Direct Cost – Businesses can suffer serious financial and reputational damage as a result of a successful cyber-attack. Digital assets can be stolen, or business operations interrupted, resulting in direct financial losses for businesses. Data loss can lead to substantial remediation costs, system upgrades, and legal ramifications.

Cybersecurity breaches have hidden costs – The damage caused by a cyber-attack can be irreparable from a reputational standpoint. Business partners, stakeholders, and customers may lose trust in the business’s ability to protect their information. As a result, the company may lose customers, have difficulty attracting new ones, and experience significant sales and profit losses.

How Data Protection is Changing – Also, the regulatory environment around data protection has tightened, with businesses that fail to protect customer data potentially facing hefty fines. With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the UK, this is particularly relevant.

Digital protection for businesses – It is important not to underestimate the threat of cybercrime since it affects businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Businesses in the Northwest of England should take this threat seriously and implement robust measures to protect their digital assets, operations, and reputation.

Managed Cyber Security

Our exclusive Managed Security Service identifies and mitigates network vulnerabilities. We constantly monitor crucial segments of your network for unusual activities and respond swiftly and appropriately when threats are detected.

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Internet & router management
  • Server security and reporting
  • Anti Virus & Malware prevention
  • Managed Windows Updates
  • User access permissions

Dedicated Security Team

Our security team can provide the dynamic, forward-thinking protection your business requires to safeguard against ever-evolving threats that increasingly harm businesses similar to yours.

  • Proactively keeping your business safe.
  • Regular security reviews & assessments
  • Expert Cyber Security guidance

Additional Security Solutions

In collaboration with top-tier vendors, we provide an array of security solutions designed to enhance your defences, thereby aiding in averting your company’s fall into the hands of cybercriminals.

  • Advanced Email Protection & phishing prevention
  • Internet content protection
  • Ransomware prevention
  • Advanced Windows security
  • Backup & Business Continuity

Cyber Essentials Scheme

To address rising internet security threats, the UK government’s national strategy promotes online business safety through Cyber Essentials accreditation. This confirms suitable cyber security for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Impact can guide your company towards attaining the Cyber Essentials certification by handling the completion of the Cyber Essentials questionnaire and providing the necessary corroborative evidence on your behalf.

Case Study

PPS Midlands Limited

PPS Midlands specialise in providing returnable commercial plastic transit packaging and container solutions. With a significant on-site infrastructure, we worked with them to implement a more flexible working solution.

PPS Group
IT Support Services Lancashire

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