Cyber Security

The Cyber Essentials Scheme & Certificate

The Cyber Essentials Scheme & Certificate

What is the Cyber Essentials Scheme? – In response to rising Internet security risks and the unique challenges faced by Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the UK government has implemented the Cyber Essentials Scheme. This scheme is a crucial step towards safeguarding the UK’s online business environment. Achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation enables SMEs to demonstrate that they have implemented the necessary level of Cyber Security.

The Cyber Essentials Certificate – The Cyber Essentials Certification is a government-backed cyber security accreditation. As a primary certification for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), it covers router and firewall protection, backups, access control, virus and malware protection, and timely software updates. Organisations that achieve this certification demonstrate their commitment to defending against cyber threats. The certification affirms an organisation’s commitment to cybersecurity best practices as part of the UK’s national strategy for online business safety.

What Does Cyber Essentials Cover?

The Cyber Essentials program encompasses a wide range of security measures that are fundamental to protecting an organisation from common online threats. These include:

Router & Firewall Security

Essential for safeguarding network access.

Secure System Configuration

Includes backups, ensuring that vital information can be restored if necessary.

Access Control

This covers user approvals, password policies, and access privileges to prevent unauthorised entry.

Virus & Malware Protection

A necessity for every computer, regularly updated to fend off evolving threats.

Software Update / Patch Management

Maintaining the security of Operating Systems by keeping them up-to-date.

Together, these components provide a robust defence against the most prevalent cyber threats.

How will Impact Computing Help with your Cyber Security?

Besides being compliant with the Cyber Essentials Scheme, Impact Computing also offers tailored services for SMEs to ensure that they meet these accreditation requirements. As an industry leader, their Managed Cyber Security Service conforms to the Cyber Essentials, assuring businesses in Lancashire and beyond reliable and professional support.

Secure Your Business with Impact Computing

Impact Computing's reputation for reliable and helpful IT support is unmatched. Their commitment to the Cyber Essentials Scheme reflects a broader dedication to securing SMEs in a digital age fraught with risks. By guiding businesses through the complex terrain of cybersecurity, Impact Computing delivers more than just compliance with government regulations; they also build a resilient foundation for the future. Whether it's router security or malware protection, Impact's all-encompassing approach helps businesses meet the cyber challenges of tomorrow.

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PPS Midlands specialise in providing returnable commercial plastic transit packaging and container solutions. With a significant on-site infrastructure, we worked with them to implement a more flexible working solution.

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