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Our Managed IT Security Service

As Cyber threats are increasing at an alarming rate, we treat Cyber Security with utmost importance and work in partnership with leading suppliers of security software and hardware solutions. Constant evaluation of the latest security software products ensures we can offer you the best protection, both in terms of value and quality.


Impact Computing has responded to ever increasing Cybercrime threats by implementing a Managed Cyber Security Service as part of our standard support.

Impact Computing’s multi layered approach to our Cyber Security includes:

  • Internet & Network (secure router configuration)
  • Server (24/7 monitoring and managed security updates)
  • Backup & Recovery (daily backup monitoring)
  • Anti Virus & Malware prevention (update monitoring & breach alerting)
  • Laptops & PCs (managed security updates)
  • User Security (access & permission reporting)

This service is designed to minimise the risks of you suffering a security breach and so utilises the latest, industry leading monitoring and management software and features multiple layers of security. Managed Cyber Security will help to both prevent and detect vulnerabilities on your network, thereby enabling us to react quickly to a security alert.

Our ongoing investment in the latest monitoring systems to alert us to any threats, ensures we can act rapidly to keep your systems are as secure and efficient as possible. Pro-active reviewing of your overall network security on a regular basis enables us to respond promptly, to plug any identified weaknesses for your additional peace of mind.

Customised Cyber security measures to meet your specific business needs, such as intrusion detection, wireless security and mobile device management are also available.