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Cyber-crime can destroy your business.

Could you survive huge financial losses, severe downturns in revenue from lost clients or risk being featured as the headline in the local news for a data breach?

We know what effects the outcomes of cyber-attacks on small and medium-sized local businesses. That's why Impact Computing takes the security of our clients extremely seriously.

Properly protecting your business is a constant and ongoing concern, that's why we have developed and invested in our dedicated Security Team.

Our Security Team is here to help you feel safe and help you to protect your business from today's new and contemporary threats that cause your business serious damage.

We can offer your business peace of mind with security assessments, where we will show you what your business' weaknesses are and how you can improve them.

In protecting your business from cyber-crime there are many, many options available to you but we know it can be confusing and still offer limited protection, let us take the headache of trying to manage that away and let us help your business stay safe and continue to grow.


Managed Cyber Security as standard Icon

Managed Cyber Security as standard

Our unique Managed Security Service comes as standard to all our clients. The service will help to both detect and prevent vulnerabilities on your network.

Security solutions to protect your business Icon

Security solutions to protect your business

Ongoing evaluation of the latest security solutions ensures we can offer you the best levels of protection, both in terms of value and effectiveness.

Proactive monitoring Icon

Proactive monitoring

We constantly monitor key areas of your network for suspicious activity and take fast and appropriate action to any alerts.

Managed Incident response Icon

Managed Incident response

Your network security is our priority. Our engineers have the experience to manage serious security incidents. We act quickly to stop or mitigate the damage caused by a cyberattack.

Dedicated Security Team

  • Proactively keeping your business safe
  • Regular consultations
  • Expert guidance
  • Tailored risk assessments
  • Security consultations

Our security team can give you the proactive and evolving protection that your business needs to stay safe against threats that are constantly changing and increasing in damage to businesses like yours.

Managed Cyber Security Service

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Internet & router management
  • Server security
  • Regular security reporting
  • Anti Virus & Malware prevention
  • Managed Windows Updates
  • User access permissions

As new, increasingly severe security threats are emerging daily, our Managed Cyber Security Service is continually being updated to keep your system as secure as possible.

Additional Security Solutions

  • Advanced E-mail protection & phishing prevention
  • Internet content protection
  • Ransomware prevention
  • Perimeter security solutions
  • Advanced Windows security
  • Backup & business continuity

Working in partnership with leading suppliers, we offer a range of security solutions to increase your protection and so help to prevent your company from becoming the latest cyber-crime victim.

Cyber Essentials Scheme

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What Does Cyber Essentials Cover?

  • Router & firewall security
  • Secure system configuration, including backups
  • Access control – user approvals, password policy & access privileges
  • Virus & Malware protection configured and installed on all computers & regularly updated
  • Software update / patch management – ensuring Operating Systems are secure and up to date

What Is The Cyber Essentials Scheme?

The UK government has responded to ever-increasing Internet security risks by developing a national strategy to make the UK a safer place to conduct business online. Cyber Essentials accreditation enables Small Medium Enterprises to confirm they have an appropriate level of Cyber Security in place.

How will Impact Computing Help with your Cyber Security?

For your peace of mind, Impact Computing is compliant with the UK government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme.

Our unique Managed Cyber Security Service is designed to help your business meet the requirements of Cyber Essentials.

We can assist your company to gain the Cyber Essentials certification by completing the Cyber Essentials questionnaire and providing the necessary supporting evidence on your behalf.