Overcoming the Pitfalls of Poor Wireless Connectivity

For most business users, seamless internet connectivity is a necessity. Many businesses operate with a cobbled together, home-brewed or outdated internet setup and this can wreak havoc on productivity, security and overall business operations.

Are you grappling with frustratingly slow speeds, unreliable connections or security vulnerabilities within your organisation? 

Here at Impact we regularly see the issues that some businesses face with poor internet solutions and the advantages they gain by adopting a modern managed solution.

The Perils of Poor WiFi:

Uneven Coverage: Is your internet unable to reach every corner of your workspace, leaving certain areas in the dark?

Sluggish Performance: Slow WiFi speeds mean that pages to take longer to load and files to download. Some pages just never load, negatively impacting productivity.

Security Weaknesses: Homegrown WiFi setups often lack the robust security measures required to safeguard sensitive business data, making businesses vulnerable to cyber threats.

Not to mention all the above problems are very annoying and frustrating!

So what is the solution?

Enter the game-changer – a managed wireless solution tailored to your business. Contrary to common misconceptions, achieving a reliable, secure and high-performance WiFi network doesn’t have to break the bank.

Enhanced Security: With a managed WiFi solution, you can strengthen your security against cyber threats. Grant access only to authorised personnel and provide guest networks without compromising your network’s integrity.

Seamless Connectivity: Strategically placed wireless access points ensure extended range, eliminating dead spots and enabling smooth operations across your entire workspace.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction: Improve your business with a professional WiFi experience. Reliable connections and high-speed internet contribute to a positive work environment and enhanced employee satisfaction.

Cost-Effective: Contrary to popular belief, investing in a managed WiFi solution is a cost-effective measure, offering long-term benefits that far outweigh the initial investment.

If you have any questions about the performance or security of your internet, we’d love to help. Please contact a member of the team to find about how we can assist.

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