Team Impact’s 24-Hour Virtual Racing Marathon for Charity


Team Impact’s 24-Hour Virtual Racing Marathon for Charity

This weekend, the virtual tracks of the British GT Championship roared to life, not with the sound of engines, but with the clicking and clacking of sim racing gear. Will Hartley, our Client Solutions Director, along with his son Will Jr, brother Edd and friend Kevin, embarked on a 24-hour car sim racing event at the world famous Silverstone Circuit, all in the name of The Christie Foundation Charity.

The team, donning their racing gloves and virtual helmets, took to their place on the grid at 2PM on Saturday, with their sights set on the finish line 24 hours later. Their vehicle of choice? An Aston Martin, decked out in the striking colours of Impact Computing!


As the sun set and rose again over the virtual horizon, our team faced the twists and turns of fate and tarmac. Starting in 28th place out of 30, they had their work cut out for them. But as any racer knows, it’s not just about where you start, it’s where you finish.  682 laps later, the equivalent of over 2500 miles the team finished in an impressive 18th position.

The race was not without its drama. Three hours in, a crash set them back 8 minutes—a costly setback that might have cost them a top 15 finish. But they pushed on, with Will Jr clocking the team’s fastest lap a tiny fraction over 2 minutes just shy of the event’s overall fastest lap of 1 minute and 57 seconds.

Each driver took the wheel for 70 minutes at a time, leaving them with 210 minutes of rest. According to Will, it wasn’t quite enough for a “quality sleep” but Will Jr seemed to disagree, catching some much-needed Z’s—a rare moment in which a teenager actually wanted to go to bed!

The event was not just a test of endurance but also a testament to the community’s generosity, raising over £1000 for the Christie Foundation in Manchester and as Will Jr. crossed the finish line, it was clear that this was more than a race; it was a great achievement for a great cause.

The winner, Angus Fender, a name familiar to those who follow the real-life British GT championship, may have taken the virtual trophy, but our team took home something just as valuable—the spirit of camaraderie and the satisfaction of contributing to a noble cause.

As the simulators power down and the virtual crowd’s cheers fade into the background, one thing is certain: Team Impact is already gearing up for next year’s event!

You can see the Impact team in racing action here: Positive Perception 24 Hours of Silverstone | in aid of The Christie Foundation

Mark Raddenbury is fundraising for THE CHRISTIE CHARITY (

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