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Your remote working solution experts

You can rely on us to ensure that your teams can work from wherever they need to.

Utilising our best-in-class systems, expertise and our knowledgeable and helpful engineers, we have assisted our clients in achieving their goals for remote working.

Whether it’s helping end users connect to a VPN and access emails or setting up a fully cloud-based solution with VoIP telephony so they can work from anywhere, we have the best tools and solutions to support you and your team.

Helping you to work from anywhere

Our teams are experts at facilitating your business to work from home.

Whether it’s advice and consultation for the best solutions to make your business remote working ready or helping your team set-up-shop at home for a little bit, you can trust us to look after your business when times are tough.

What’s more, we only choose the best internal systems to support our clients. This means we can help you entirely remotely. There is often no need for site visits.

We practice what we preach

At Impact Computing, we actively use all of the solutions and services we provide. They help our teams to work remotely as effectively as they would in the office.

For example, our VoIP telephone system allows our staff to take their office phones home with no additional setup required, they can even download an app for their smartphones – taking their work calls wherever they go.

We also utilise the full power of the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) solution so that no matter where they are or what computer they use, they have full access to their emails and files.

Microsoft 365 has all the tools your business needs to work from home with unparalleled efficiency and productivity.

Check out our Microsoft 365 resource page here for the latest information on how Impact Computing can help your business move to the cloud.

Security matters, more than ever

Security from cyber-criminals has never been more important. With the rise in the number of people working remotely, it’s vital that end users are secure and protected.

That’s why everything we do to help your business work remotely is secure-by-design.

You can count on us to protect your business and your people from security threats.

Every industry is different

We work with all types of industries and know that legacy line of business applications are crucial to your business.

Whether its Sage, IRIS, Payroll, QTAC, we have seen it all before and have got your remote access covered.

Picking the right solution for you

There are a lot of different solutions to get your business working remotely. We will work with you to select the best method and have you working from home in no time.

We can advise and show you how to use software-based solutions such as TeamViewer, GoToMyPC and Splashtop.

Our experts can help you set up virtual private networks (VPN), so you can access your resources from home quickly and securely.

Remote Desktop (RDP) is a great remote access solution, and our team can help ensure this is set up securely.

We’re engineers, not salesmen

In our experience, businesses sometimes have preferred applications they want to use for video conferencing and remote connections to their office. We won’t stop you or try to sell you one of our solutions.

We’ll work with you to set these up for your business and your teams and provide advice and guidance along the way.