Posted on 31 May 2020

It has been an interesting and, at some points, quite terrifying couple of months since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It goes without saying that this has had a profound effect on nearly everybody’s lives, but it has equally had a huge impact on the business world too.


Is this the ‘New Normal’?


Whether we accept it or not, the current situation has jump-started the remote working revolution for many businesses across the UK.


Forced into lockdown, businesses across the country scrambled to put into place systems that allowed their staff to work from home. It was a frantic couple of weeks as companies, very quickly, put these into place to continue serving their clients and maintain the status quo.


Now the dust of the initial panic has settled, and speaking from our own experience; the future looks different. The systems we have in place allow us to provide the same excellent level of customer service that we always have and after some initial teething issues, communication across our company is potentially better than it’s ever been.


Looking to the future, our business will operate differently. Why have the ability for our staff to work remotely and then confine them to the office?


We’re not alone in thinking this, many businesses across the country and the world will change the way they function forever. Is this the ‘new normal’ that people keep referring to?


The positives of this revolution outweigh the negatives hugely. Think about the environment, the cost of office space and the work/home life balance of your staff as just three examples of how an increase in remote working can cut carbon emissions, save money and increase staff retention and recruitment.


On that last point, 72% of recruitment professionals agree that work flexibility will be very important for the future of HR and recruiting (LinkedIn) and 74% of employees say that a remote work option would make them less likely to leave their company (Owl Labs)


Now, I’m not advocating the fact that every business should or could have a culture of remote working. It depends on your business, but for most businesses it is an opportunity that shouldn’t be overlooked.


The chances are, those companies who embrace the revolution will be more flexible to meet the needs of the ever-changing business landscape and be able to adapt to future challenges quickly and easily.


Who knows what the future holds? At this point, we are yet to realise or understand the long term economic impacts of this global pandemic. In our opinion, it’s better to be prepared.


The revolution doesn’t need to be a hard or costly battle


Technology is the greatest facilitator of people working remotely, and the current situation has further proved that.


Cloud technology has advanced so much in recent years that it’s easy for businesses to put some form of remote working into their business.


One of the main benefits of this revolution is that you and your staff can bring your own devices (BYOD) to the virtual boardroom table. This gives way to new possibilities that you may not have considered before.


With a solution such as Microsoft 365, the built-in security allows your company to ensure your data is kept safe regardless of where or how it is being accessed.


We know, first hand, the advantages that Microsoft 365 can bring to a business. We can access our emails and files and collaborate on any PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Our business really can work from anywhere, on any device in a very secure way.


For example, I’m writing this post at home, in a comfy chair, on my own PC, with my dog by my side. It’s actually quite liberating.


This gives your business the freedom to do more, with less. There’s no need to purchase a new, expensive server to facilitate your remote working needs and with cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365, capital costs are quite low.


Combine that with the potential of lower costs for office space and it’s food for thought, surely?


Do we join it or resist it?


The remote working revolution is definitely upon us. The question we need to ask ourselves is, do we join the revolution or do we resist it?


For us, the benefits are plain to see and our business will continue to change and adapt for the better.


The first step is always the hardest and many of us have already taken that step. The rest is easy…


Do you see your business joining the remote working revolution? If so, Impact Computing can help you to realise the benefits that remote working can bring to your business.


We’ve already helped our clients move to a remote working environment for the short term but we’re here to work with them on preparing for the future with the tools and systems they’ll need to put remote working at the heart of their business, for good.


For an open discussion about how your business can benefit from remote working and whether it is right for your business, call us on 01772 684282.



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