Posted on 18 Jun 2020

The Modern Workplace Revolution



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The ‘Modern Workplace’ is an increasingly prominent term that you will see across the internet but what is it, what does it mean for businesses and what will businesses get from it?


This year has brought many changes for businesses across all sectors.


Businesses have been forced to adapt the way they work; in many cases, the requirement to change has posed some significant challenges.


Pre-pandemic, many businesses had a well-established way of working; staff based in a single office, accessing company documents solely at this location and no to very little ability to work effectively whilst away from the office.


For these companies, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances proved very difficult.


On the other hand, those companies what embraced technology were able to move to remote working whilst maintaining lines of communication between their staff and clients and access their line of business systems from wherever they were working from.


This is the modern workplace.



It’s not just technology


Technology may facilitate the modern workplace, but the benefits reach to all areas of your business.  Traditional IT systems which anchor you to the office impose limitations on the flexibility and adaptability of your business.  By transitioning to a modern workplace model, you can benefit from:


Reduce Capital Expenditure

Moving to a modern workplace model means your business expenses are manageable and predictable. You can scale up and down based on your business’ needs and ‘pay as you grow’. Moreover, the modern workplace removes the need for your on-site server; meaning there are no warranties, certificates, upgrades or repairs to worry about.


Better Customer Experience

Go beyond email communication with video calls for meetings with clients and staff, real-time collaboration on documents between staff, and making use of your internal phone system from outside the four walls of the office.


Flexible and Agile working

Be able to adapt your business processes quickly to unexpected changes in circumstances, such as increased numbers of people working remotely, thus ensuring business continuity.


Improve Staff Retention and Happiness

By having the appropriate infrastructure in place, you are in a better position to offer flexible working for staff both in terms of working hours and where they work from.  This also provides an attractive benefit when looking to hire new staff.


Improve Cybersecurity

There was a time when having antivirus software installed on your office computer was sufficient – this is no longer the case.  With more sophisticated threats, the business world is especially vulnerable to ransomware, phishing attacks, and other malware.



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