Posted on 23 Nov 2020

Recognition is important. That's why we take the time every quarter to recognise the stars amongst our team that have shined the brightest. In celebration of their achievements, here are the winners of our most recent Quarterly Awards. 


5 Years of Service - Ash Farr 

Ash joined Impact in 2015. Since starting as an engineer, he has climbed through the business, becoming a leader and our in-house security expert. He can always be seen with a smile on his face, and his infectious, positive attitude never fails to brighten our day. His passion for this business and the work he does is astounding. We're very lucky to have him.


Core Values Award - Ash Farr

Our core values are respect, responsibility, fun, teamwork, innovation and excellence. 

This quarter Ash snatched up two awards. The leaps he has made with security during a short time is outstanding and he has made a huge impact on the business. He encompasses everything we are. 


Most Improved Leader - Lewis Cowley

Despite these difficult times, Lewis has been able to lead his team to success. He's faced many challenges during this period and has tackled each one head-on. Lewis is doing a fantastic job for us, and we are lucky to have him in the Impact team.


Most Improved Performance - Sean Murphy 

Over the last year, Sean's role has evolved countless times. He's adapted very quickly to the new challenges during this period, becoming our on-site engineer and now is a great role model within our Operations and Installations team.


Outstanding Achievement - Wayne Dalton 

Having been here for over 10 years, Wayne is a proverbial well of knowledge. He acts as a technical guide to everyone in the company, always willing to help no matter how busy he is. Not only this, but he wears some pretty great socks too. 


The Quarterly Awards are a special occasion at Impact Computing. This year, due to current circumstances, it's a shame that we couldn't celebrate together, in person. Something we can hopefully change next year.


We thank you, and everyone at the Impact team, for the work they've been putting in throughout their career and through these tough times.