Posted on 27 Sep 2021

Running a busy medium-sized business in a professional services industry can be challenging.  


You have to manage and service your clients in your specialised field; you need to be up to date with all the latest regulations applicable to your industry and make sure you are looking after all your employees.  


Add on top of that your IT systems, and it’s enough to send anyone into a spin. 


One of the biggest reasons customers come to us is that they need IT systems that work specifically for their organisation. Of course, they also need experts with relevant knowledge to keep everything in order, but compliance and data security are essential.  


Having been in the business for over 20 years, listening to our existing customers’ needs, and understanding the current market, we’ve created Thrive. Built on  Microsoft’s 365 platform that you’re already familiar withThrive provides a unique all-in-one IT solution that covers security, support, and productivity.   


Being a fully managed IT system Thrive will support your business goals and allow you to focus on your work and customers solely. Here’s how: 


Business data and client’s details need to be safe 

This is where the SECURITY part of our Thrive package comes into play. You know how important it is to protect your systems and data. It can sometimes keep you up at night! So, you can feel confident and assured that you and your systems are fully covered, we set up the following for you:  


·        Secure device management 

·        Data access controls that use industry-leading identity authentication 

·        Data protection and backup to assist with GDPR compliance 

·        Advanced automatic threat protection 


Knowing all the above is taken care of will give you peace of mind that your systems are protected and one less thing to worry about. 


IT efficiency is vital for business success  

We all know how frustrating it is when your IT systems let you down and you can’t get on with the job at hand. You’re ready to work from wherever you need to be, collaborate with colleagues or deliver a high-pressured presentation without any technical hitches. Imagine how much more work you and your team would get done with no interruptions. Thrive can help you and your team’s PRODUCTIVITY by enabling: 


·        An excellent remote working experience 

·        The latest Microsoft collaboration features, allowing safe file sharing and editing 

·        Advanced email protection with access from any device 


If you’re anything like some of our existing clients, you’ll want to be giving your staff all the right tools to help them be the best they can be. 


You need someone on hand quickly whenever you have an IT issue (support) 

When something stops working, you have a data concern or system question that needs answering swiftly and precisely. Our Thrive SUPPORT commitment guarantees: 


·        Rapid response within 20 seconds 

·        Unlimited support within office hours 

·        24/7 monitoring for problems, changes, or suspicious activity 


Fast and responsive IT support is what you and your colleagues need. We’ll always be there to ensure any IT problems are dealt with as quickly as possible, limiting their impact on the day-to-day running of your business.  


We can add value without piling on unnecessary charges by taking care of all three areas (SECURITY, PRODUCTIVITY & SUPPORT). 


Are you ready to simplify your IT systems? 


Do you want your organisation to experience these types of results?  

Want to find out more about Thrive for your business? 


Be one step closer today by contacting our experts to talk through your specific requirements or read more about Thrive here. 


You can access a complete all-in-one IT solution where your IT systems continue to grow as your business does. Stay focused on your clients and leave all your IT systems, data and compliance to an expert.