Posted on 30 Nov 2021

This month’s blog post gives you an insight into being an Impact Computing team member.  


Keep reading to get a glimpse of what Simon gets up to as one of our Installations Engineers and how he supports businesses here in the North West.  


I’m Simon, and I’m an Installations Engineer here at Impact Computing. I’ve worked here for just over 2 years and am really enjoying being part of the Impact Computing family. Everyone has a great sense of humour and the teamwork ethos is very refreshing. 


My role is to make sure our clients are furnished with new devices and all required software, ensuring any new starters are ready to go from an IT perspective as quickly as possible. No-one wants to arrive at a new job when nothing’s been set up and feel immediately like the company isn't ready for your arrival. We work closely with clients to ensure that doesn’t happen. 


A typical day for me always starts with a coffee at the office. I’ll then check the ticket queue to see if anything new has come in and see what needs actioning. I usually plan out my day based on our client needs, prioritising the more urgent jobs and look to follow up any recently completed jobs, giving our clients the ultimate VIP service. I’ll also check in with Lewis, who is the newest member of the Installations team, helping him get ready for his day and giving him an opportunity to ask any questions. I’ll then work through my list, rechecking the work queue regularly throughout the day. It’s the most satisfying feeling, knowing that you’ve completed an installation and provided a service that was required. Clients are often very grateful too, which is an added bonus!  


Site visits to clients are often required, particularly when they have new starters. It’s one of my favourite parts of the job, interacting with customers and being able to provide them with the service they need to do their jobs. I’ve built up some great relationships and always enjoy a bit of office banter! By carrying out onsite visits, it also allows me to gain a lot of additional technical experience building on my existing IT knowledge. 


Whether I’m doing onsite visits or remote installations, clients are always keen to know when the device will be up and running, ready for use. If I had £1 for every time I got asked that question I’d be a very rich man! When answering I always try to be realistic with timescales to manage expectations, but I also try and reiterate why it might not be a simple two minute fix. Simply explaining what we need to do to a client allows them to feel more involved in the process as well as give them a better understanding of what we do here. 


One of my favourite things about Impact Computing is that they are keen to support our development and help us build on our existing IT knowledge together with actively promoting progression. The team were very helpful with my college work when I was completing my Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship and even let me take equipment home to look at and learn from in my own time.  


It’s great to be part of a team (and company) where you can outwardly see how our IT support enables professional organisations to work effectively and allow them to do what they do best and get on with their ‘day jobs’. I'm excited to see what the future holds for me and look forward to continuing my IT career here. 


I wanted to end with an IT tip that I always share with business owners when I can - please make sure all passwords are secure. I’d recommend you and your staff use a password manager* and have multi-factor authentication on all devices to strengthen access security. This will keep your data protected and help limit the number of security vulnerabilities. 

*If you want to know more about password managers, take a look at one of our previous blogs here. 


If you need IT installation support for new systems and equipment, we’re here to provide a service that will keep your business running and enable you to focus on what’s most important. 


You can get access to our trained staff and have a Simon of your very own!  Don’t keep struggling with IT issues that you don’t understand, let our experts be on hand to help you and support you as your business grows. 


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