Posted on 11 Aug 2020

Microsoft 365 allows you to identify risks by locating and understanding how data it is used. This also helps safeguard data by configuring protection and retention labels.


With Microsoft 365 you can protect and govern data wherever it lives


With the increase of employee-owned devices in the business, there is also an increased risk of accidental data leak through apps and services, like email and social media. Protect your business data using Windows Information Protection (WIP). WIP helps to protect against this potential data leakage without otherwise interfering with the user experience. More information on WIP can be found here.



Data loss prevention (DLP) is a service that Microsoft 365 offers, this scans for messages, files and documents that contain sensitive information and applies configurable policies that dictate what can and cannot be done with business data. An example would be data such as EU passport numbers, DLP can identify and protect specific content such as this to help for security and to meet compliance regulations. Found out more here.



In addition, sensitivity labels can be used to add an additional layer of protection to your files or emails.  They allow you to classify documents as confidential or highly confidential labels which once applied, determine what users can do with that file. Labels such as “confidential” can be applied to documents which will dictate what users can do with that document such as not allowing the document to be shared outside the company or allowing users to copy and paste that data into other places. More detailed information can be found here.



Microsoft 365 allows you to be more compliant as a business and these examples are just a snippet of the tools you are given that allow you to achieve this. Alert policies can be used to update data protection officers on certain activities of users, permissions can be given to necessary users to see an overall compliance score that Microsoft gives you on your business and more.


Microsoft 365 gives you the tools you need to become more compliant with GDPR and Impact Computing can assist you and your business to achieve this. Please get in contact with us on 01772 684 282 if you would like more information.