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Remote Desktop Setup on Windows

Goal: This article will assist you with setting up Remote Desktop on your device so that you can access your PC or a Remote Desktop Server at your company.


Applies to: Windows 7 and later.


Please note: Before you begin you will need the following information which can be provided by Impact Computing if you do not know it.

  • Your Network Username
  • Your Network Password
  • Your Company Domain
  • Your Company Server Address/RDP Address
  • Your Company RDP Port Number


Once you have the above information please follow the steps below in order to connect over Remote Desktop.


Step 1:

From your desktop press the Windows Key, whilst holding the Windows Key press the letter R.
A Run box should appear. Type in mstsc and press OK.



Step 2:

You will now need to specify the server address (1) of the Server/PC that you wish to connect to. You should have been provided with this address by Impact. Once you have specified this address press Show Options (2).



Step 3:

You should now enter your username to connect over remote desktop. Your username should be in the following format:
Please note the word "domain" needs to be replaced with your company network domain. You should have been provided with your domain by us and your username is the same one that you use to login with. Once this has been entered press the Save as (4) button.



Step 4:

You will now be able to save the above settings to your desktop so that you do not need to enter them each time you connect.
Choose Desktop (5) from the left hand side bar. Name the session Remote Desktop (6) and then press Save (7).



You should now see an icon on your desktop called Remote Desktop which looks similar to the image below.



Step 5:

From the original screen, you can now press Connect (8)



Step 6:

If you receive any message about connection trust, tick the box to ensure the message does not come up again (9). Then press Connect (10).



Step 7:

Your domain and username should list at the top (11). You may be asked to enter your password (this is the same one you use to login to the network) (12). You can then press OK (13).



Step 8:

If you receive any warning relating to verifying server identity, then tick the box that says, "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer" (14). Then Press Yes (15).



From this point you should be logged in over Remote Desktop.


Please note: 

Once you are finished in your session you can log off by click onstart (bottom left) and then clicking log off.