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Remote Desktop Setup on Mac

Goal: This article will assist you with setting up Remote Desktop on your device so that you can access your PC or a Remote Desktop Server at your company.


Applies to: Mac OS


Please note: Before you begin you will need the following information which can be provided by Impact Computing if you do not know it.

  • Your Network Username
  • Your Network Password
  • Your Company Domain
  • Your Company Server Address/RDP Address
  • Your Company RDP Port Number


Once you have the above information please follow the steps below in order to connect over Remote Desktop.


Step 1:

You will first need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop App from the App Store on your Mac. You can do this by opening the App store on your Mac.

The App store can be accessed on your mac by clicking the icon on your dock that looks like the below image:



Once in the app store do a search for Microsoft Remote Desktop in the search bar and click on install on the product shown below:



The app should now install, once completed the option in the app store should change from Install top Open. Click on Open when the option is available.

When it opens you may be presented with a startup page showing the change log and version number etc. Click on close, you should be presented with a screen similar to the image below:



Step 2:

From the main Microsoft Remote Desktop screen click on New from the top left.

You will now need to enter some details in the available fields which are explained here:


Connection Name: This is your reference for the connection. You can enter anything in here, it helps you to distinguish between multiple remote connections if you have more than one.

PC Name: This should be your Server Address which we should have provided you with. You will also need to put your RDP port number at the end of this after a colon. (for example,

User Name: This should be specified as your domain, followed by a backward slash, and then your username. For example: domain\username. We should have provided these details to you.

Password: This is the same password you use to login to the network.

You should be able to leave all other details the same, if you are unsure of any of the above details then either give us a call or email and we should be able to provide the correct details.



You should now be able to close off the settings screen with the red X at the top.


Step 3:

Your connection should now appear in the menu, you can click on it once and then click on Start from the top menu.



When you press connect it should establish a connection with your remote server, if you receive any certificate errors you can press Allow/Yes on these to continue through with your remote access.

From this point you should be logged in over Remote Desktop.


Please note:

Once you are finished in your session you can log off by click on start (bottom left) and then clicking log off. This should return you to your Mac.


If you experience errors or issues, please give us a call or send an email and we should be able to assist.