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Opening and using the Disk Utilisation Report Header Image

Opening and using the Disk Utilisation Report

PLEASE NOTE: You will need either Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge to open these file(s). They will not open in Internet Explorer.


As part of this process you will have been sent across a zip file starting with the file name "Disk Utilisation Report". Open this and extract the file(s).



Open the file. If the file opens with Internet Explorer, Close the file > Right Click > Open With > Choose either Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

Once the file is open, please note, it may take a minute or two to open properly. You may see a lot of data at the bottom of the screen and a spinning "loading" logo - this is normal:



Let this process - it is working to display all the files/folders that are in your report. When it is finished, the Loading will go away, and you will be left with one option at the top. 

This is a clickable item:



Clicking here will allow you to browse through the files that are on the drive/folder requested. The folder that is the largest will always be at the top, the second largest the second from the top etc.

Once you are finished, simply close the window and ensure you store the file in a secure, safe location. Alternatively, delete it.