How to change scaling options in the Windows 10 Remote Desktop App Header Image

How to change scaling options in the Windows 10 Remote Desktop App

When using a high resolution screen, the remote desktop display can appear too small. You can adjust the display settings by doing the following steps.


(Please note some features are not available in the Remote Desktop App such as copy/pasting text and files between local and remote PCs).


1. Download the Windows 10 Remote Desktop App

The app can be downloaded from the Microsoft store by going to the following link: and selecting 'Get the app'.



2. Setup the remote desktop connection

Add your remote desktop connection by clicking + Add at the top right and entering the required information. Please see our guide on setting up Remote Desktop for the settings you will need (the setup process will differ in the Remote Desktop App).



3. Adjust display settings

Select the '...' next to the remote desktop connection name and select Edit. Click Show more on the menu that appears and scroll down to 'DISPLAY SETTINGS'



From here you can adjust the resolution of the remote session and change the display size with the slider below.

You can also adjust the display by selecting Settings at the top right and adjust the resizing settings. This applies when the remote desktop is not in full screen.



It is then a case of trial and error, adjusting these settings to fit your preference/screen.