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DUO Mobile Setup

Goal: This article will assist you with connecting to the Remote Desktop on your device so that you can access the Remote Desktop Server at your company.


Please note: Before you can access the remote desktop, you will need to setup DUO on your mobile device. DUO is a form of two-factor authentication that you will need to approve the logon every time you logon to the remote desktop.


This app is called Duo Mobile and a text with the activation link will be sent to you prompting you to install the app and activate it. You should receive a text that should look like the following:


Tap to activate Duo Mobile: (or copy/paste into the app)


 If you have deleted this text, please let us know as we will need to resend this to get you access to the server. If you have any issues with the link in the text you can install the app directly off the Appstore / Play store, the name of the app is just called, “Duo Mobile App” the logo for the app is below for reference.



This link can be tapped which should redirect you to the DUO app once installed and will activate your account. If this doesn’t redirect you can copy the link and paste it into the Duo Mobile app instead.


After this is should be straight forward, please login to the remote desktop link and then approve on your phone when prompted. A push notification will pop on your phone like this:



Article to assist with setting up DUO on an iPhone

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