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Adding a Network Printer to Windows Header Image

Adding a Network Printer to Windows

Goal: This article will assist you with setting up an existing network printer on your machine.


Applies to: Windows 10/Network Printers and Shared Printers


Step 1:

From within Windows 10 click on Start in the bottom left (1), then click on Settings (2).



Step 2:

From the settings menu click on the Devices option (3).



Step 3:

You will see a large button at the top with the text "Add a printer or scanner". Click on this (4)



Step 4:

A list of available network printers should now begin to populate - be aware that this may take a few minutes. Click on the printer you wish to add and then click on Add Device (5)



Step 5:

You will see that the printer now beings to install (6).



Step 6:

Once completed it will state that the printer is ready to use. You can click on it underneath in your printer list and set it as the default printer as required (7).



Please Note:

If the printer is not showing up in the list or if it is asking for an Administrator password when you try to add/install the printer then give us a call on 01772 684282.