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What Was The Challenge?

PPS Group specialise in providing returnable commercial plastic transit packaging and container solutions. In view of their acquisition of local company Alison Handling Services and plans for further expansion, the group decided to carry out an overall review of the IT at all their locations. One of PPS’ main IT concerns was backups and disaster recovery at each of their sites. The onsite backups were proving hard to manage as the system was ageing and off site backups were inconsistent. Impact Computing were selected to provide a reliable backup solution and on going IT support for the group, based on our tried and tested, long standing support of Alison Handling’s IT network.

What Was Impact Computing’s Solution?

Impact Computing installed a Datto Cloud Backup and Business Continuity solution at each site, with virtually no downtime. The system includes a versatile onsite device that as well as taking automatic hourly backups, provides a ready to use replica of the server. This can be quickly configured to take over in the event of the company’s main server failing, without the need for disruptive data recovery time.

  • Installed with virtually no down time
  • Includes an onsite backup device that can act as a backup Server
  • Fast system recovery in the event of a system disaster
  • The solution also retains a copy of the final backup of the day in the cloud, which, as an off site backup, can be utilised in the event of a disaster on site

How Have The PPS Group Benefited?

PPS now enjoy peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that each site has reliable, consistent backups in place

  • Backups are monitored by Impact Computing
  • Daily Backup testing
  • Risk of data loss minimised with both Onsite and Offsite Backups

What Did The PPS Group say?

"We are delighted with the new system. The professional installation with no downtime as we swapped from the old to the new system was particularly impressive."
Jeremy Tutt, Finance Director, PPS Group